Life Insurance Urine Test, Why Companies Take it and How to Avoid it

In life insurance, it is good to understand that not everyone who applies gets accepted. Life insurance companies usually tread with caution when examining prospective applicants to ensure they enroll only qualified candidates. If everybody who applies for life insurance policy were to be accepted, then insurers could be taking a significant risk. So, the due procedure is to undergo a medical test to check if there are any serious health complications. Still, there are non-medical exam life insurance policies for those who need coverage quickly and do not want to undergo any medical test. This article outlines the procedures involved in the medical examination, especially the urine test.

Medical Exam for Life Insurance

For life insurance companies, the medical examination is a vital process and must be done prudently. No insurance company wants to offer coverage to someone who is in poor health condition for onvious reasons. 

By considering all this, the insurance company has to do everything possible to make sure they provide coverage to the right candidates. Remember they cannot only rely on medical history because some of the medical records offered by the applicants can be false information due to poor recollection or intentional omission. So, the best way to ensure their potential clients are in excellent health condition is by carrying out a proper medical examination.

This medical exam consists of the measurement of weight, height, blood pressure and other health-related questions. A qualified nurse is assigned to conduct the examination. If any severe health issues are detected, the insurer might start losing hope in you. Eventually, this may result in either rejection of your application or a higher premium.

Is a Urine Test Part of the Medica Exam?

In addition to undertaking the general medical tests, life insurers also carry out a urine test. This helps to detect some health complications, such as cholesterol, STDs and HIV and AIDS, among others. A medical practitioner can identify signs or symptoms of certain diseases just through a little urine test.

Also through a urine test, it is easy to tell whether or not a person takes any drugs. Cocaine or marijuana takers can easily be identified through urine examination. In essence, a life insurer would want to test your urine to check if there are any health issues or check if you use any drugs.

Which Procedure is Used for the Test?

Life insurers perform two main types of urine tests. First of all, they will do a chemical analysis of your urine. This helps in detecting any traces of nicotine and other illegal drugs that you may have been taking. They also go ahead to perform a microscopic review of the urine itself. This is done to check for several health complications.

Once you send your life insurance policy application, the insurer will send over a medical specialist to perform the urine test. When meeting with the doctor, you are required to carry with you a sample of your urine. The professional takes the sample to a laboratory for thorough screening.

After doing the actual urine test, the insurance company checks if your urine contains sugar. If it contains some sugar, then you are likely to be suffering from diabetes. They also check if the urine has a high content of protein, which reveals the likelihood of getting kidney disease. Still, they will check for the presence of white and blood cells in the urine. Presence of white blood cells could be a sign of infection while red blood cells insinuate organ failure.

If you plan to undergo the urine test, you need to be prepared for it. You should start by upgrading your diet to get favorable results. You need to start eating healthy foods, which cannot in any way interfere with your urine formation. For instance, fast moving food products, such as foods high in sodium should be avoided.

Also, abstaining from alcohol can do you a great favor. You also need to stop smoking a few days to the medical exam. And not forgetting, make sure you take a lot of water as it helps in diluting the urine. If you must undergo the urine test, consider doing anything possible to ensure the results are positive.

Why Life Insurers Use Urinalysis?

A urine test is done to determine various things. They take a sample of your urine to help determine your overall body health. Proper urine analysis can tell a lot about what goes on within your body. Through urine analysis, a life insurer can quickly know whether or not a prospective applicant is in good health condition. Highlighted below are the top reasons why urine test is carried out:

They want to detect other health complications- Just like saliva, urine can tell a lot about your health status. For instance, too much protein in the urine is a sure sign of kidney failure. Also, any liver or digestive problems can be detected via urine test.

They want to check if you are under any prescription drugs- If, for instance, your physician has advised you to use specific medication, traces of such medicines will be evident on the urine. So, a life insurer will carry out urinalysis to check if you are using any drugs.

They need to know if you use any supplements- Your life insurer would want to see if you are using any supplements, such as weight loss or supplements to get a better body shape. Through urine test, the insurer will be in a position to tell whether or not you use any supplements.

They may also want to know about your drug usage- As part of the medical examination, life insurers carry out drug tests. By taking blood and urine samples, insurers can easily tell whether or not the applicants are drug takers. Whether it is cocaine or marijuana, their traces can be found on the urine.

Once you furnish them with your urine sample, the life insurance company will ensure everything mentioned above has been tested. Sometimes prospective applicants may not be willing to provide their urine samples. Other people may want to skip or bypass this test for their reasons. If so, does this mean they cannot get the coverage they want? The answer is no.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance, Skipping the Urine Test

If you do not feel comfortable with the provision of your urine sample, then you can opt for no medical exam. Non-medical life insurance policies are quick to get because you will not undergo any medical test. These policies are a little more expensive and are meant for people with good health. So, if your health status is mediocre, you may not qualify for a non-medical exam policy. No medical exam life insurance policies are available in these two forms:

Simplified Issue

With this form of no-exam medical policy, you can bypass the urine test and medical exam that comes with it. By opting for the simplified issue, you are likely going to get your coverage faster than expected. The underwriting process takes less time because you do not need to undergo any medical exam. But remember your policy is still underwritten, so your medical history must be reviewed. Aside from getting quick approval, these policies are costly, and the coverage is capped.

Guaranteed Issue

One good thing about guaranteed issue plans is that applications are approved quickly. There is no medical exam to take and applicants are never asked questions concerning their health statuses. The only drawback is the high cost associated with these policies. This option should only be a last resort if you cannot qualify for traditional coverage. 

Some people avoid non-medical exam options because they are pricey. If you have to take a medical exam, make sure you remain healthy, especially a few days before the examination. Remember that life insurers use laboratory results when making their final judgment. If possible, you should avoid those things that can lead to poor health just a couple of days to the medical examination day.

What Happens after the Urine Test?

The entire medical review after the urine test can take some time. It can take several days to weeks depending on your health condition. The results will be used alongside your medical history to make a final decision concerning your application. Also, the results are used to determine your insurance rating in case your application is accepted.

If your health is outstanding, you are likely to qualify for a good health rating or even get a discount on your policy. But if some severe health issues are detected, you can either be rated up (pay more for coverage) or in the worst case declined. 


When applying for a life insurance policy, it is good to consider two important aspects. First, you need to check your financial condition. If you have substantial financial muscles, you can opt for no medical exam policy whereby you will get the coverage without necessarily undergoing any medical test. But if your budget is low, follow the standard procedure to acquire your policy.

The other aspect is the urgency in getting the coverage. Check how much time you have at your disposal. No medical exam life insurance policies feature instant approval as compared to the regular polices. Always consider using an independent life insurance agent to help you find the best and most affordable life insurance policy.

You’re at the Right Place

The good news for you is you’re in the right place. We can consult you on your best option and help you decide whether or not to take the urine test. Some people often want to skip it for unnecessary reasons and end paying more for no exam coverage when they didn’t have to. Give us a call today and we can help you get the coverage you need at the right rate!