Life insurance is vital, especially if you have people depending on you as their bread earner. In the event of death, you do not want to pass a financial burden to your loved ones, such as funeral costs, hospital bills, and other outstanding debts. So, you need to choose a reputable life insurance company and.. More

Many people use life insurance for the wealth as an investment, risk cover of life uncertainties and happenings protect assets, management of wealth and creation of wealth. Life insurance is used for savings by wealthy people to put their savings on life insurance to cover for risks that they have insured. The wealthy people take.. More

Insurance has become part of our lives, whether for business or personal level. With the right policy, you can be able to protect your loved ones, yourself, and your business. This is likely to give you total peace of mind when you know that you are ready for any situation that may arise. Key person.. More

Sagicor is one of the companies that has catapulted in popularity over the last few years. It’s no exam product is affordable, and a solid competitor in the landscape of life insurance products. Let’s learn a little more about the company, products and view some sample quotes. About Sagicor Sagicor is a renowned life insurance.. More

When it comes to getting life insurance, what clicks in the minds of many people is whether it is possible to get a life insurance policy without a medical exam or blood test. Most of the individuals looking for life insurance have poor health. And because of this, they have decided to go without the.. More

Firefighters put their lives at great when putting out fires to protect people and property. As a firefighter, this is your career, and you already know all the risks associated with it. Most people think that life insurance is not a thing for firefighters and law enforcers. But this is not true because most of.. More

If you have a criminal record, you can still purchase a life insurance policy. When applying for life coverage, you need to provide the requisite information. Remember your insurer will use such information either approve or decline your application. The insurance company needs to know if you have ever been charged with any crime. For.. More

In life insurance, it is good to understand that not everyone who applies gets accepted. Life insurance companies usually tread with caution when examining prospective applicants to ensure they enroll only qualified candidates. If everybody who applies for life insurance policy were to be accepted, then insurers could be taking a significant risk. So, the.. More

Smoking is a habit and stopping it may not be that easy. Smokers are more likely than non-smokers to die of respiratory diseases, stroke and cardiovascular complications. This is according to research carried out by the medical community in the United States. The medical research team found out that cigarette smoking is linked to health.. More