Life Insurance With Bank of America, is it For me?

Usually abbreviated as BofA, Bank of America is among the largest banks in the United States. When it comes to assets it falls second, right after Chase Bank, and it offers a large selection of financial products. The bank has also managed to establish a significant retail presence throughout the country. It is surprising for…
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life insurance for retirees

Life Insurance for Retirees, Do You Need It?

Will I need life insurance after retirement? This is probably the question you have been asking yourself, especially if you are still far from retiring. Life might be how you want it now, but a lot of things are bound to change after retirement. Perhaps you are approaching retirement and you are considering taking out…
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Life Insurance For Loans, Getting Coverage for Approval

One of the biggest perks of having a life insurance policy is that you can borrow a loan against it. On the downside, you are only able to borrow against your life insurance policy if it is permanent. This is because permanent life insurance policies have a cash value component which is also the savings…
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life insurance after 60

Does Life Insurance Make Sense After 60?

When younger, it is important to have a life insurance policy in order to protect your loved ones in the event something unexpected happens to you. As you age, you might start wondering if life insurance is important, especially because the kids are grown up and financial obligations are very few. Nonetheless, people’s situations are…
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court ordered life insurance

Court-ordered Life Insurance, When You’ll Need It and How to Get It

Under normal circumstances, people take out life insurance for different reasons, eg, income replacement, providing finances for their loved ones, loan collateral, paying off a mortgage, and so on. And while taking out a life insurance policy is voluntary, sometimes the court may order you to get a new one or maintain an already-existing one.…
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Life Insurance and Divorce, the Ultimate Guide

Statistics show that almost half of all marriages end up in divorce, and although no one marries with the intention of becoming a statistic, a divorce might be a few years down the line after your marriage begins. Sometimes divorces are smooth, but sometimes it can be a destructive spiral of depression for both parties. …
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Life Insurance for Doctors and Medical Professionals, What You Need to Know

Just like with other professions, doctors and other medical professionals need life insurance. Professions in this field are some of the highest-salaried for various reasons, and most of these professionals are the breadwinners of their families. As the breadwinner, one of the biggest concerns is how your family would survive in case of your untimely…
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Life Insurance Coverage For Skydivers, What You Need to Know About Getting The Best Rates

Skydiving is one of the most thrilling experiences ever for those that dare jump from incredible heights. However, it is also an extremely dangerous endeavor. If something goes wrong, then that might be the end of you. This is obviously something that many skydivers have thought about, and it is also the reason that their…
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30 Year Term Life Insurance Guide Simplified

Getting life insurance coverage is smart for anyone who wants to look out for their loved ones and ensure that they will be okay even when they are no longer alive. Term life insurance is the best option if you want to take out a life insurance coverage that will not be a full-time commitment.…
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