If you are working as a law enforcement officer, you already know the amount of risk associated with your occupation. You must protect the citizens while risking your own life. Although every field of occupation has its drawbacks, the law enforcement industry is not a go-zone for many. As such, officers working there, especially police.. More

Life insurance is arguably the best kind of insurance protection that one can subscribe to since it is focused on your families well being. There are many types of insurance coverages offered by different one but perhaps the most common one and arguably one of the best is guaranteed universal life insurance. What is Guaranteed.. More

Establishing a small business can be complicated, especially if you lack the startup capital. As a dedicated entrepreneur, you need to explore as many options as possible in order to get started. Remember that your close friend or relative may not be willing to offer you cash for your business startup. As such, you may.. More

You are probably familiar with the standard process of getting life insurance. This usually includes a 4 to 8 -week underwriting process. In most cases, you will have to deal with an underwriting process. During this process, the life insurance company looks at your health information. This includes your family’s health history, the prescriptions you’re.. More

If you are interested in guaranteed universal life insurance, you probably want to learn more about it. It is good to know exactly what you are getting into before you commit to anything major. In addition to learning about guaranteed universal life insurance, you will want to do your research about each of the companies.. More

If you’re self-employed, you don’t have the same access to life insurance as those who receive insurance through their employer. Since you won’t be getting that coverage, you will have to find life insurance for yourself. This might sound intimidating, but it’s not too great of a challenge. Lots of folks are self-employed and figure.. More

Being a business owner comes with its share of challenges that you have to navigate on your own. One of the things that you may have recently discovered is that as a business owner, you need life insurance. One of the reaons is that you dont get the perks of group coverage offered to those.. More

Insurance companies can be quite intrusive when one is applying for life insurance coverage. Questions regarding one’s health, family history, and hobbies are quite common. Answers to such questions determine a great deal, the kind of coverage a firm would offer, given the risks at hand. Health and lifestyle questions are the most common as.. More

It can be a little bit daunting and difficult to get a life insurance if you’re a type 1 diabetic. Just by having the disease automatically puts you in the high-risk cases. And because insurers have a natural aversion to applicants who have chronic health conditions, your chance of getting insured is very minimal. But.. More