A guaranteed universal life insurance or GUL is a type of universal life insurance, which is a permanent life insurance policy. It provides a fixed premium rate but it is unique in many ways. Unlike the term life policies where the coverage is based on term periods, a GUL coverage is based on age. This.. More

Getting insured is one of the best things that you can do for your family. It ensures that they will be financially protected when you die. And knowing that they’ll be fine can bring you a sense of security and peace of mind. But finding the best life insurance policy can be difficult if you’re.. More

Traditionally, getting an insurance coverage requires one to undergo a lengthy and tedious underwriting process. This usually consists of an interview and a medical exam. Essentially, the interview is designed to assess your medical history. For this purpose, you might be asked about your previous illnesses, family’s medical history, occupation, lifestyle, vices, driving record, and.. More

When you’re a high net worth individual, it’s easy to think that you don’t really need a life insurance because you already have enough money and investments that can secure you financially. Which isn’t always true. By definition, you are a high net worth individual if you have no less than $1 million in investable.. More

Traditionally, getting a life insurance can be a little bit tiresome and painful, literally. One of the turn-offs in traditional life insurance coverage is the physical exam requirement. This is a tedious process that usually puts people off. Besides, not everyone has the time, courage, and patience to deal with the rigorous medical underwriting procedures… More

Applying for Life Insurance? We hope your livelihood is all well now, but the truth is a healthy livelihood isn’t guaranteed in the future. The burden of unexpected crises is part of life. You can get sick tomorrow, hurt next week, or pass on unexpectedly next year. Life insurance is something we use to put.. More

Permanent Life Insurance Permanent life insurance is the name for any life insurance policy that is projected to last your entire lifetime, as long as the premiums are paid. Rationally speaking and from a cost-to-benefit comparison, permanent life insurance policies may be more rewarding than term life insurance policies. However, the premiums made for permanent.. More

Disability Insurance The ability to do your job and collect a paycheck is something that should be of the utmost importance to protect, disability insurance can do this for you. Whether you receive disability insurance from your employer or choose to buy a disability insurance policy individually in the private market, the policy will replace.. More

Life Insurance Underwriting Life insurance is a business, and like all businesses, they need to make smart decisions in the based on risk and reward. Every time a life insurance provider takes on a new policy, they are embracing the risk that the policyholder may die during the coverage. Rather than leave this chance up.. More